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HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) and LLDPE ( Low density Polyethylene)

This is one of the most demanded product from the region and used in films for shopping bags or blow moulded bottles and caps for injection as well as other household products.

LDPE ( Low Density Polyethylene)

Our range of Low density polyethylene is from fractional melt heavy duty 0.25 MFI to 20 MFI . Regular grades of 2 mfi with and without slip and additives are available .

PET Bottle Grade and Sheet Resins

We supply PET bottle grade resin from asia , india and middle east .

PP - Polypropylene

WE supply from middle east , india and asia all grades of Polypropylene homo , copo and random copo. To mostly end users in Latin America , Africa and Asia. PP raffia and injection are one of our top products

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Company Profile

We bring you the best polymer basket possible from the most competitive sources in the world.
Core Values: Integrity, clarity in work and communication, nurturing new ideas, contributes to growth and simultaneously grow along with our partners.

Vision:    To be one of the most value driven and competitive polymer resin provider in the industry.

Mission:  To be preferred solution provider for all kinds of polymer procurement in the Middle East .

About US
GEM POLYMERS FZ LLC is a Polymers Trading and Distribution Company with headquarters in RAK , United Arab Emirates. The DIRECTOR is Mr. Joy Mukherjee with 24 years experience in Polymer International Business.
GEM Polymers started its journey from July 2019. In spite of being new, we are supplying a wide range of Polymers. It is obtained from trustworthy sources and meets the application requirements of diverse industries. Our range of Polymers is highly appreciated by the clients for their purity, effectiveness and accurate composition.
We are global distributor of plastic resins for molders, extruders, compounders and manufacturers serving nearly every major industry. 
We believe in working closely with both polymer resin manufacturers and converters and identify each party’s needs and goals, providing by providing valuable inputs in terms of market information  and trends thus adding value at each end of the supply chain.
Through pride in our company, we are committed to achieving total customer and supplier satisfaction while delivering premium products with service above and beyond that which is expected.

Regions we serve:
We aim to reach out to the nook and corner of the globe. Right now we have our presence in Middle east , South and Central Asia, Europe, Africa and Latin America.
We are supplying a host of polymer resins from the most trusted and competitive suppliers in the world.
We take pride in being highly competitive for our access to the nook and corner of the globe with respect to the polymer industry.
Our strength lies in distributing all kinds of POLYMERS PRODUCTS, commonly used polymer resins in listed below. For a comprehensive detail and other information about our products, please get in touch with GEM Polymers FZ LLC.
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  • P.O.Box 430359